Feminization Hypnosis – LIPSTICK Trigger SCRIPT

Before you begin this session, there is something I would like you to do. Get your make up bag. Acquire out your preferred lipstick. Hold it with your hand for just a couple of times. Experience its pounds, condition, and area. Then, just take a closer look at it. See its colour and condition. Instantly, a believed crosses your mind: ‘This lipstick is my friend’, you’re thinking that. ‘The two of us use a definitely great relationship.’ Really feel a smile unfold throughout your deal with, and joy consider a hold of your respective pink lipstick

Next, close your eyes for just a 2nd. Breathe out. Let all air leave your lungs and flush out any particles of strangeness or conventional perceptions which could continue to be endeavoring to disturb the connection concerning you and your lipstick.

Up coming, open your lipstick, keep it beneath your nose, and get a deep breath that comfortably touches the partitions of one’s nose plus the inside of within your body mainly because it brushes earlier, till it reaches the depth of your respective feminine core. The air you are breathing in now has the aroma of your respective lipstick. This really is YOUR scent. You will be the lady whose seductive aroma you are able to smell. Truly feel this thrilling sensation distribute as part of your brain and physique. Experience it release a spark of glowing excitement that triggers a fountain of tranquil.

When you breathe out, the final small particles which were seeking to keep both you and your lipstick aside depart your thoughts and physique. While you breathe in once again, a confident feminine tranquil flows into each individual corner of the overall body. With the next breath, enable go of all tension and negativity. No matter what could possibly be happening as part of your lifetime, you happen to be now willing to fail to remember over it for some time, locate a peaceful place, and start your session. Close your lipstick, mail one more portion of gratefulness towards your strong little pal, choose it with you and place it in front of you exactly where you’re arranging to start out your session.


For just a transient minute, acquire your willpower. You happen to be established to discover what you’re looking for. You might be decided to locate the center of femininity in by yourself that permits you to definitely wander, communicate, act, and really feel similar to a woman. Immediately after that, all you might have to perform is rest and observe my directions as I lead you towards the aim you might have specified.

Open up your eyes. Opt for a location around the lipstick in front of you. Zoom in on it and concentrate on all its specifics. Search at its texture, coloration, mild, and shade. While you check out more difficult and harder to discover even the tiniest element, your eyes purchase a form of superpower. Now you can actually zoom in on the location and learn all the more: very small particles in its texture, slight coloration variations, traces of your personal finger prints, dots of light reflected from the surface, clean, shiny stretches, little indentations.

When you aim on just about every element of this spot on your own lipstick, almost everything in the place all over you begins to fade away and think smooth, gentle shades and varieties during the background, releasing a deeply peaceful, normal femininity. Really feel how the home all around you starts to ooze this relaxed, feminine sensation. ‘Soon, going for walks, speaking, acting, and emotion similar to a girl will occur to you personally obviously!’ the home seems to say when you target an increasing number of on the lipstick, advancing in the direction of its concealed soul.

Breathe during the room’s substance and aroma. With each individual breath, you are feeling far more comfy with your self, with just about every breath, you really feel an increasing number of just like a smooth, curvy, self-confident girl. You could come to feel your muscle mass adjust, getting ready to make a normal, undulating, feminine wander the next time you can get up. You can feel your voice box having smaller sized, molding itself to provide a gorgeous, female voice the subsequent time you open up your mouth. Just about every time you breathe out, your eyelids experience heavier and heavier, seeking to sink to the ease and comfort of the female abode forming deep inside your entire body.

But resist this impulse just a bit lengthier. Usually do not shut your eyes just but. The location you are looking at sucks you in, seduces you, and keeps your interest. Truly feel its irresistible energy, its magic electricity. Truly feel its female soul attract you in. While you keep your attention on this place, your whole body and soul open up up even even more on the confident, female calm throughout you. Permit it seep into your pores and deep into your system. In the exact time, truly feel how your eyelids get even heavier. You’ve been attempting difficult to retain them open. But eventually they have got turn into so major, you are able to now not resist the temptation of closing them.


Near your eyes. As your eyelids touch, they melt into each other like liquid wax, wholly calm. A wave of quiet goes via one’s body like a sigh of aid. Ultimately that you are allowed to genuinely relax. Permit yourself sink totally in to the soothing, feminine atmosphere on the place. With each and every deep, sluggish breath you’re taking, fill your lungs using this sweet smelling, beautifying, calming air.

Truly feel how you, the soul from the lipstick, and also the space come to be a single when you breathe from the aroma and the strength all over you. You are this sweet smelling, wonderful female, tranquil and confident, enjoyable within the delicate folds of her femininity. Breathe out and in in just this cozy experience. Try to remember what has introduced you in this article. The magic of your lipstick.